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The number 282 is the isopsephy value of the word "bios", aka "life", the root of the term "biology", which is symbolic as being the diameter of a circle with circumference of "888", which is the isopsephy value of the name Jesus.

In numbers, 282 (LH:3) is the numerical value diameter of a circle with a circumference of “888”, aka the solar magic square number, and the isopsephy value of the words “bios” (bio) or life.


The following the geometric origin of the number 282:

Bio (etymology).png

Note: alternative isopsephy values of 282 include: Hapas (απας), meaning: "all, whole"; and pasa (πασα), meaning: "all".


The 28 and 2 icon from cover of the book Abioism: No Thing is Alive.

We also note the following:

which connects the number "14", the Osiris half-lunar month number, to "282", and the general model that 2 people have to have sex once during a "28" lunar month in order to make new "bio" (282).


The following are related quotes:

“The names Jesus (888) and Christ (1480), by gematria, both are related to the two Greek words for life: ‘zoe’ [815] and ‘bios’ [282]. Each diagram [shown] also brings out the cosmological number 1332 (666 x 2) which is, like 888 and 1480, obtained from the magic square of the sun. The whole arrangement is one of logos, ratio, and harmony, symbolizing Jesus the Christ as the cosmic word of life and light.”
— David Fideler (1993), Jesus Christ: Sun of God (pg. 269) [1]
“The phrase: ‘I am the life’, in Greek: ειμι η ζωη (NE:815), is numerically equivalent to 888.”
— Chevalier Emerys (2007), Revelation of the Holy Grail (pg. 204)[2]

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