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A photo of the 888PM 11 Oct 66AE toast, at the launch of Libb Thims new book Abioism: No Thing is Alive.[1]

In dates, 11 Oct 66AE (LH:5) was the date of the 66th anniversary of "atoms first seen", the day of the book launch party for Libb Thims' Abioism: No Thing is Alive, its title page dated: "11 Oct 66 AE", and the "official" launch of the new "elementum calendar" (BE/AE) or Thimsian calendar dating system, the secular scientific replacement for the defunct Dionysian calendar (start: 525AD) system, the culminating toast being made at 9:28PM or 8:88-hours Post Meridian, symbolic of the fact that the root isopsephic cipher etymology of "bio" is 888/π.


In 2006, Libb Thims, while drafting the "Molecular Evolution" chapter (based on the molecular evolution table) of Human Chemistry, was confronted with the "defunct theory of life" problem, and thereafter began to work to solve it. This resulted in the defunct theory of life debates. In 2015, Thims coined the term "abioism". In 2016, Thims gave the talk “Lotka’s Jabberwock: On the ‘Bio’ of BioPhysical Economics”, at the University of District of Columbia, Washington, DC, during the 7th BioPhysical Economics Conference.[2] This talk was an early-draft outline of the book Abioism: No Thing is Alive.

On 25 Apr 2020 (65AE), Libb Thims, with "time" (or spacetime) freed up, amid the first month of the virus lock down (Chicago shutdown on Mar 16th), arrived at the "atoms first seen" (BE/AE) based dating system (Thimsian calendar), after having worked on the calendar reform problem for about a decade, and immediately began employing it redate all Hmolpedia existographies.


On 19 Apr 2020, WikiFoundry, amid the start of the pandemic, announced that it would soon be going out of business. The wiki eventually shut down on 1 Jun 2021 (66AE) and the image servers shut down on 1 Sep Jun 2021 (66AE). During this period the migration of Hmolpedia 2020 (WikiFoundry-based) to Hmolpedia (MediaWiki-based) actuated, each article re-written from scratch, during which many new images were made. The “defunct theory of life” threads were all collected into one pdf (for archive purposes). A review and re-organization of all the scattered abioism related material accrued.

On 27 Nov 2020 (65AE), Thims discovered the 10 Apr 2020 blog: “I’m Less Alive than Elon Musk”, by FreakyBit, and anon southern belt college student, seemingly independent of abioism views: Thims (2007), Rogers (2012), Dowling (2013), or Jabr (2013), a signal than Kuhnian paradigm change[3] was ripe.[4]

On 26 Feb 66AE (2021), Brazilian Reddit user, aged 14, under the moniker "Life Pressure" (see: life pressure), messaged Thims to have dialogue about social thermodynamics, wherein he (a) dated his own existence in Anno Elementum (AE) years, (b) talked about how he too at age 6, or sometime thereafter, had also arrive at abioism-like views, and (c) talked about how he had been reading Thims' work since "some time ago"; the key dialogue is:

“I have been reading your works since some time ago, and I may say I find them very interesting, not merely because of its content, but because it has conclusions and insights I had independently arrived at a relatively young age, one could say I am still at a relatively [age 14] young age [born 52 AE], although I reached some diverging results in some topics. By the age of 6, a time when I was very intrigued by the hierarchical structure of matter, the similarities present in material systems despite the magnitude (which then led to the conclusion social systems were no exception, an early version of my future ‘socio-thermodynamic model’), et cetera, I started questioning the nature of ‘life and what it really meant to call something a single entity. I came to the conclusion that ‘life’ was a simplifying device made for categorization purposes in the past, and that it served for most practical purposes, but now, as our knowledge grows, it becomes inadequate for more technical research.”
— LP7825 (66AE) (2021), ‘Dialogue on Social-Thermodynamics’, r/Hmolpedia, 26 Feb - Mar

On 4 May 66AE, Zadquiel Lugo, aged 25, a Venezuelan thinker, Tweeted about how Thims' work on "abioism", among other things, had influenced the previous two years of his studies, since age 23:

“The greatest minds in history. My big influences are in the top 2000 list: Goethe (my strongest influence), Newton, Einstein, Leonardo Vinci, and Libb Thims. Thims has influenced me in my: atheism, my determinism; I became interested in thermodynamics; I discovered the work of Goethe; my understanding of intelligence changed; in my work ethic (work hard, study hard, don’t waste your time; in unlearning the idea that I am alive. Nothing is. I learned about Beckhap's law, the influence of latitudes on the intellect, the way in which books and the search for self-taught knowledge can change the entropy of the body.”
Zadquiel Lugo (66AE), "Tweet", May 4[5]

In other words, given (a) that Kuhnian change (or shift) seemed to be in the air, in respect to abioism, and (b) that teenagers and young adults, in less developed countries, like Venezuela and Brazil, and one physics student in Europe, were already using abioism and the Anno Elementum dating system in working practice, the time seemed ripe to publish. This, combined with the feeling that the wave and tide was right, with respect to the producing a book in being in the "wake of the virus" (see: genius hiatus effect)[6], seem to point towards a "book" publication on abioism.

Book | Start → Finish

Poem line 72, of Lucretius' 60BC On the Nature of Things (chapter one), extant on 9 Jun 66AE, which started the first 29-page draft of Thims' Abioism: No Thing is Alive.

On 9 Jun 66AE, Thims drafted 29-page (print version #1) of a book then titled Abioism: Disbelief in the Existence of Life, at a point when the Hmolpedia article count was at the 5,600+ level. Draft manuscript was started as a Word file, prompted into exist following the multi-column line-by-line Latin-to-English online translation table of the LucretiusOn the Nature of Things.

Line 72

In particular, it was poem "line 72", of chapter one of LucretiusOn the Nature of Things (60BC), shown adjacent, edit version shown in its "pre-book-idea" state, wherein the Latin vivida vis" (which Google translates as: "living force" or "vigor") is rendered four different ways, namely either: vigor, will, living force, or living power, depending on translator. The modern, post-publication line 72, is shown below, with post-book-publication Egyptian and Greek reverse translations:

Egyptian Greek Latin English
# (2600BC) (800BC) Lucretius (60BC)[7] Google (66AE) Leonard (1916)[8] Johnston (2010)[9]
72 [Thus by] full light of Khonsu H.png (Khonsu) {moon god}, and [ankh] {spirit} of Hathor, [human] Nun icon 2.png [nous] {mind} [strong] [Thus] βι (NE:12) βιγα [vita] Ις (NE:210) άνεμι (NE:106)[10] κέρδισε το έξτρα [pervicit et extra] ergo vivida[11] vis[12] animi pervicit et extra the vigor of mind prevailed, and he And thus his will and hardy wisdom won; And so the living power[13] of his mind

This line in question is Lucretius (60BC) explaining how Epicurus (300BC) prevailed over all the world's religions, by breaking open the rusted god gates, so to situate a new Democritus (450BC) based atomic-belief system, solely by the "force or power of his his mind", in modern PCN translation.

Here, as we see, to even render one single word (in a seven-line Latin fragment), namely: "living", in one single poem line, namely: line 72 (Lucretius, 60BC), the modern person has to be fluent in English mythology (aka Western religion, god character rescripts, and Abrahamic religions), Roman mythology (plus Latin), Greek mythology (plus Greek alphabet and isopsephy), and Egyptian mythology (plus: hieroglyphs, astro-theology, delta-theta cosmology, and astronomy), to say the very least, BEFORE one can even call "bunk" on using the term "living" in the same context as "atom" (or human chemical reactions), as per modern particle physics, chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, and human chemical thermodynamics define "things", in modern exact science terms. The modern mind, in short, is roadblocked by a single word. Hence, the new book.

Number 72

While on the topic of the number "72", to fully digress (as all of these number connect back to why we presently employ the term "alive"), we but note:

  • Number of degrees in a circle (360) divided by the number of days (5): five being the number of epagomenal days gained by Thoth in game of Senet with moon god
  • Number of conspirators, along with Set, who closed the lid on the chest of Osiris
  • Years of precession completion (25,920) divided by degrees of a circle (360):
  • Star are observed to move 1° in 72 years, in respect to the precession of the equinoxes (see: Raising of the Djed)
  • Number of the names of god (Ѻ) according to Athanasius Kircher

On 18 Aug, amid drafting the book, Thims figured out the "vi-cypher" (Latin, 200BC) or βι-cypher (Greek, 800BC), as seen encoded into the words: vivida, vis, vigor, living, living force, and living power, shown above; not to mention the word: "believe", a Be (βε)-Vi (βι) cypher word.[14]

95% complete

In Sep, the book was about 95 percent finished. The main aim being to present the main historical pioneers of abioism: Jean Fernel, Jean Meslier, Denis Diderot, Baron Holbach, Jean Sales, John Stewart, Johann Goethe, Francis Macnab, Emile Reymond, Ernst Brucke, John Tyndall, Karl Pearson, Henry Bray, Nikola Tesla, Alfred Lotka, Charles Sherrington, Francis Crick, Robert Pirsig, and Michael Brooks; along with the new “independent” full-on and out-of-the-closet abioists, namely: Jonathan Dowling, Alfred Rogers, Ferris Jabr, and Jiri Benovsky.

On 11 Oct 65AE, Thims, at about 8PM, finished uploaded the finalized book pdf file and the cover-wrap pdf file to the publisher, the "upload date = publication date", after which he went for a 1.5-mile run, at a 9:30 mph pace, in the rain, during which time, at the 1-mile point, the rain came pouring down, Thims put his hand up in the air, like Rocky Rocky icon.png at the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts steps, symbolic of one small step of progress (with respect to inanity that is fed into the mind before age 5).[15]

BE/AE | Link count

The following shows the link count, at 11 Oct 66AE (2021), of the number of Hmolpedia articles, mostly being existographies, that had been updated with Anno Elementum dates, since the 25 Apr 2020 (65AE) start of employment of the new Anno Elementum dating system:

Link count 527 443

Namely, at the time of the book launch, about 500 identities (and dates in other articles) in Hmolpedia had been upgraded to the new BE/AE years, 289 of which being top 2000 minds existographies.

888 Toast!

At 9PM, Thims engaged into the "Abioism book launch party", at Jets Public House, Chicago, and got everybody, not knowing a single person in the bar (until 20-min prior) organized for the famous number-aligning 9:28PM (888PM) toast. The following, below left, shows Thims' phone turning 9:28 (888PM) at moment of the toast, above which are the hands of seven "new years atoms" [eve] toasters:

11 Oct 66AE (close).png Atoms first seen (toast).png

The day number "11th" (see: 111) and the year number "66th" (see: 666), which yield "282" (see: bio), the basis of what we call "biology", are all numbers which, via the solar magic square, derive from ancient Egyptian religio-mythology cosmology, dating back before 5255 BE (3300 BCM), as explained in the book.[1]


The famous laugh-provoking Buchner "reaction existence" slide[16], shown during Thims talk “Lotka’s Jabberwock: On the ‘Bio’ of BioPhysical Economics”, at the University of District of Columbia, Washington, DC, during the 7th BioPhysical Economics Conference.[2] Thims was the logo of the golf short Thims wore during the lecture (and at the Abioism book launch party).

At the book launch, Thims wore his "Reaction Existence golf shirt" (CafePress, 2015), shown adjacent, with the logo on it (less the Buchner image and quote), to explain quickly what the book was about. This entailed Thims doing the following:

  • Thims: "Look at my shirt. Do you believe atoms are alive? Or do you believe that anything going on in this reaction () is alive?"
  • Person: [response]
  • Thims: "Do you believe you are made of atoms?" [asked if first question yielded no answer]
  • Person: [most said yes]
  • Thims: "But you believe that you are alive?"
  • Person: [most said yes]
  • Thims: "That is what the book is about. You believe you are made of atoms, which you don't believe are alive, but you believe you are alive. There is, accordingly, a terminology disjunct and concept confusion extant between the two view points."

Variants of the above engagement, adjusted slightly depending upon each person's response, occurred throughout the party. The equation shown, from Theophile Donder's Thermodynamic Theory of Affinity (1936)[17], on shirt:

if people asked, where A is the affinity, G is the formation energy, ξ is the "extent" of the reaction, p is the system pressure, T is the system temperature, and ∂ means partial differential. People were told that G was named after Gibbs, and that Einstein defined Gibbs as the "greatest mind in American history", and that the G is the measure of the energy that determines whether or not a reaction, be it a human-human reaction or hydrogen-oxygen reaction, will "go". In thew new view, such as espoused by Buchner (1855) and Goethe (1809), the concept of "life" becomes not only obsolete, but defunct if attempted to be employed together with the new language and concepts of chemical thermodynamics.


The following are quotes:

“On 11 Oct 66AE, at the 66th anniversary of the day humans first saw atoms, I will publish Abioism: No Thing is Alive, on the Defunct Theory of Life, and Life Does Not Exist, the first book with its title page dated with the new secular-scientific Anno Elementum (BE/AE) dating system, wherein I will show how the numbers 111 and 666, of the solar magic square, yield the number ‘282’, the isopsephy value of the Greek word βιος (Bios), and the diameter of the circle with a circumference of 888 [8-hours and 88-min PM (9:28PM)], which is the isopsephy value of the Greek word Ιησους (Jesus), and hence a myth and magic based number; therein explaining how humans are not alive, because atoms are not alive, per reason that the word ‘alive’ etymologically derives from the ‘vis of Venus’, the Latin rescript of the Greek 282 myth, which itself is of Egyptian religio-mythology origin, namely the rescript of the ankh of Hathor model, which itself is based on an older pre-dynastic astro-theology motif of the sun, conceptually, being reborn after passing through the Milky Way.”
Libb Thims (66AE), “mental thought”, arisen during short nap, after 2-mile run, Aug 19
Happy new year!
— Hadi A (66AE), “Comment”, “11 Oct 66AE”, YouTube, Human Chemistry 101, Oct 11[18]
“By brain [or head] is starting to hurt.”
— Adam (66AE), voiced comment, after Q&A dialogue with Thims, e.g. “who is Adam?”, to which Thims showed him a picture of Atum, and while reading the “praise for” sections quotes, and asking about Jeffrey Tuhtan “overthrowing Darwin” (2011) quote, which Thims replied that it was more like “upgrading Darwin”; if recalled correctly one or two other people at the party said the same thing about “brain hurting”[19], 10PM-ish, Oct 11
“I was raised ‘Lutheran’, but now my religion is ‘chemical thermodynamics’.”
— Libb Thims (66AE), “Q&A at book launch party”; a response to Gina asking: “what’s your religion?” (to which Thims tried to respond with: “religion is Latin for binding system”, which didn’t realize into a full answer), first, and another woman (girlfriend of Adam), asking: “are you Catholic?” (where the above response was given), during which point, a new guy, sitting to the right of Thims, who had just arrived at the party, who had a degrees in mathematics and physics, and worked as an engineer in some capacity (or an engineer?), and whose parents where both mechanical engineers, simply nodded his head, while looking down in reflection, in seeming agreement with Thims’ response, 10PM-ish, Oct 11
“You are a genius. It was a pleasure to meet you.”
— Gina (66AE), “text message”, 1AM, Oct 12

End matter

See also


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