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In terms, want (LH:#) refers to []


The following are quotes:

“Monsieur, look at me; a lemon is less yellow than my face. I make men out of your children, but every day I became a child with them. I am a thousand times too rich and too comfortable in your house, but I simply have to leave; what I really want is not to live better, but not die.”
Denis Diderot (1732), “notice of termination as tutor to children of rich Parisian”[1]
“I says: ‘you sound so far away.’ She says: I’m in New York’. I said: ‘Get yourself back here’. She says: ‘I don’t want to’. ‘What do you mean? What do you want?’. She says: ‘when I find out, I’ll let you know.’ So, look, Fred, baby--. ‘It’s Paul, baby’. ‘Sure. Don’t tell me she isn’t a phony’.”
Truman Capote (1961), Breakfast at Tiffany’s[2]

End matter


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