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In existographies, Voltaire (261-177 BE) (1694-1778 BCM) (IQ:195|#16) (Cattell 1000:4) (RGM:62|1,350+) (PR:77|65AE / writer:8) (Murray 4000:7|WL) (Durant 10:8) (EPD:M7) (RMS:29) (GPhE:#) (FA:86) (TR:315) (LH:20) (TL:335) was a French philosopher, writer, and lay physicist, noted for []



The Voltaire statue at the the Louvre Museum, Paris.[1]

In 1717, Voltaire, age 23, then named "Francois-Marie Arouet", was imprisoned for penning satires on the regent (ruler) of France, changed his name into an anagram-based pseudonym, pseudonym, which was starting with the Latin version of his name: "Arouet the younger", where Le Jeune (LJ) means "the younger", or AroUet LJ, then, via the following letter conversions: U → V, J → I, which are equivalent or interchangeable in Latin, gets the name AROVET LI, which he then converts, via anagram, into "Voltaire" as follows:[2]


Ironically, the second time Voltaire was put into jail, was after Guy Rohan[3], aging and childless aristocrat, challenged about his name change, to which he replied:

“I am the first of my name, sir, you are the last of yours.”
— Voltaire (1726), reply to Guy Rohan, after being challenged on his “name change”[4]

He was then beaten Guy Rohan's servants, and thrown into jail again.


Quotes | On

The following are quotes on Voltaire:

Voltaire resembles one of those ancient fairy castles that is falling to ruin on all sides; but you can easily see that it is inhabited by an old sorcerer.”
Denis Diderot (1779), “Comment on meeting Voltaire”, Feb[4]
Voltaire was the last mind of the old France, Diderot the first of the new.”
Friedrich Nietzsche (c.1885), Nachgelassene Fragmente[5]

Quotes | By

The following are quotes by Voltaire:

“Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”
— Voltaire (c.1765), Publication
“The more a man knows, the less he talks.”
— Voltaire (c.1770), Publication; cited (2016) in 300 Quotes of French Philosophy[6]

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