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In terms, universal (TR:9) (LH:1) (TL:10) refers to a principle, rule, or law, which holds throughout the universe.


The following are quotes:

“The universality of the relationships of thermodynamics eliminates an ‘artificial’ distinction between the animate and the inanimate, and thereby enables one to see the world as a single thing.”
Donald Haynie (2001), Biological Thermodynamics[1]

End matter

See also

  • Universal genius
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  • Universal morality
  • Universal rule
  • Laws of the universe


  1. (a) Haynie, Donald. (2001). Biological Thermodynamics (animate, pgs. 297, 316). Cambridge University Press.
    (b) Haynie, Donald. (2008). Biological Thermodynamics (pg. 330). Cambridge University Press.

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