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In mononyms, Thimsian (LH:2), from th- meaning "energy of sun", + "Thims", reverse anagram of "Smith"[1], meaning "anon", aka "John Doe by choice" (Walker, 1995)[2], + -ian meaning "related to", refers to the work of Libb Thims (17- AE), his followers, the doctrine of his ideas, and related.


The following are related quotes:

“In the world of Real Genius (1985) (Ѻ), it goes from god to Jerry to Kent to the cleaners; in the ‘real world’ (2015) (Ѻ), defined by Rossini (1972)[3], it goes from Dirac to Thims to [proteges] to cleaner public minds.”
— Libb Thims (2015), an “it goes from god to …” mental note wakeup summarization of the seeming conclusion that there will always exist a sort of science-to-faith gradient, whether it be of the Egyptian science to polytheistic Imhotepism (2585BC) to local preachers to public gradient variety; or modern particle physics and chemical thermodynamics modern science to extreme atheistic (Ѻ) Thimsianism (2011) to local evangelistic atheist preachers to public gradient; or, likewise, invariably future gradients that will exist in the millennia to come, as science progresses, 9:43AM CST Jul 8[4]

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