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The terms: "theos" (god), "theology" (study of gods), "therm" (heat or temperature), and "thermodynamics" (study of heat, work, and energy) all derive, etymologically, from the Greek letter "theta", symbol: "Theta (sun) 30x32.jpg" or "", which is code for the Egyptian sun god, which is number "9", in the Greek number system, code for: Ennead, the 9 god family of Heliopolis (see: Heliopolis creation myth), and has an isopsephy value of: "318", code for: Helios, the Greek sun god (and the radius of the divine monad solar circle.

In ologies, theology (TR:76) (LH:#) (TL:#), as compared to “atheology[1], from the Greek theos-gods” (or god), isopsephy value: "284", the higher amicable pair (284, 220), meaning "shining one" or "supreme god" (as compared to chosen one or messiah "220"), from the symbol "Θ" theta, meaning "sun god", + -ology “study of”, is the study of all things explained on the basis of solar divinity, i.e. "heat" conceptualized as the work or energy of a god, gods, or god family, and or "power" conceptualized as a "higher power" or supernatural power, and the various religio-mythology and astro-theology motifs conceived on this basis.


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