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In acronyms, TL (TL:#), short for "Total Links", refers to the number of times a "person" (see: TL people) or "term" (see: TL terms) is internally-hyperlinked to another Hmolpedia article, in Hmolpedia current and Hmolpedia 2020 combined;



Formerly, TC (TC:#), short for "Total Citations", was used to be shorthand for the combined number of citations for Hmolpedia (current) and Hmolpedia 2020; formulaically:

Thus, for example, on 26 Oct 2020, the Newell Sims article had three internal links in Hmolpedia 2020 (CR:3), and nine internal links in the new Hmolpedia (LH:9), a difference that can given insight in respect to 2007 to Aug 2020 influence, vs Sep 2020 to present influence; therein yielding a combined or "total" citation ranking or internal link count of twelve or (TC:12).


In Jan 2021, the abbreviation TL, thematic to the "what links here" button, shown in the "tools" section of every MediaWiki page, began to be used in stead of TC, to improve clarity, and to avoid confusion. Hence, be it a "term" or a "person", we can say clearly that either of these is "linked" (or hyperlinked) to so many other number (#) of Hmolpedia articles. Former, terms had a term rank (TR:#)[1] number and people had a citation rank (CR:#) number. Some older articles may still have this notation scheme.

Total links | Total search returns

Note that “total links” (TL) “total search returns”. When the “death” article was started, in the new Hmolpedia, the search box returned 67 results. When the article was started, there were 5 red-hyperlinks (LH) already in place.

The notation (CR:#) indicates the number of times a given existography is internally hyperlinked, e.g. Newell Sims (CR:3), means that the Sims article is hyperlinked to three other articles of Hmolpedia. Formerly, as of Aug 2020, the Hmolpedia citation ranking page, of, listed the top existographies, with 50+ internal links, the number found when the "delete this page" button is checked. The new CR number, via the new MediaWiki platform, is found in MediaWiki using the "what links here" (LH:#) button; numbers differ (a change in the process of reconciliation).

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  1. Term rank (subdomain) – Hmolpedia 2020.

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