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A comparison of two animate things: an walking and carrying "AQ molecule", formula: , and a walking and carrying person or "human molecule", formula: (see:CHNOPS+20E), the later, in respect to the description of its "motion" and or "animation", of which we, colloquially, albeit technically incorrect, define as "alive", the former of which we correctly define as being "powered".

In hmolscience, powered quantifies a thing that is moved, by a force, per unit distance, per unit time; compare: horsepower (Watt, 1783).[1] The term "powered", presently, is the leading contender for the physico-chemically neutral replacement for the scientifically-defunct terms: "alive" or "living".

Life terminology | Upgrades

In 1974, Henry Swan redefined biochemistry (i.e. bio-chemistry), indirectly, as the study of "powered-CHNOPS systems", therein usurping the now-defunct prefix “bio” with “powered”.[2]

In 2012, Libb Thims began to replace many (or all) Hmolpedia "bio-" prefixes with the prefix "powered CHNOPS+", meaning that "powered" is a workable replacement for the mythologically-loaded "bio" prefix; what was formerly considered "alive" is now considered "powered", and that what as formerly defined as being "so full of life" or "so alive", is a reference to being "more powered" or in a state of "higher power" (albeit not in the theological sense), in modern physico-chemically neutral terminology.[2]


The following are related quotes:

“Whatever the power be that creates such an animal out of an egg, that it is either the soul, or part of the soul, or something having a soul, or something existing previous to, and more excellent than the soul, operating with intelligence and foresight.”
William Harvey (c.1630), “On the Source of the Chick Embryo”
“Lastly, Sato’s opinion that “life is considered something different from non-living things”, highlights the fact that Sato is unaware that the concept of “life” is now a defunct scientific theory (see: defunct theory of life), replaced by the science of animate thermodynamics, the energetic and entropic study of carbon-based animated molecular structures (or “animated beings” as Henry Adams calls them; or animated matter, among other names); the first artificially synthesized (see: laboratory produced life) walking molecule being 9,10-Dithioanthracene (DTA) is the first molecule ever to be able to "walk" in a straight line by, in effect, mimicking the bipedal motion of a human being. More recent examples being macroscopic movements powered by molecular motors from the dynein, myosin and kinesin superfamilies. These motor proteins literally walk, step by step, along polymeric filaments, carrying out essential tasks such as organelle transport, according to which view the "life | non-life" divide or “unbridgeable gap model” dissolves, after which one is forced to conceded that the notion of “life”, particularly at the origin of life level (where atoms, chemicals, and molecules reign), is a religio-mythology based forced-contrivance passed along to us via our cultural heritage (Anunian theology, for 72% of the world; or yellow river mythology for about 10% of the world), albeit a notion that becomes defunct under the rigor of the chemical thermodynamic microscope.”
Libb Thims (2012), “Naoki Sato” [3]
“It, therefore, will be some time to come before god is jettisoned firstly from bio-logy [powered chnopsology] and then secondly from all of the humanities..”
Libb Thims (2015), “Morality Squared” [4]

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