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In existographies, Pierre Perrot (16- BE) (1939- ACM) (CR:27) (LH:2) (TL:29) is a French physicist and thermodynamicist, noted for []


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The following are quotes employed by Perrot:

“Add sometimes, but oft delete.”
— Nicolas Boileau (c.1690), Publications; cited by Pierre Perrot (1998) in A to Z of Thermodynamics (pg. vi)

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The following are quotes:

“Isn’t thermodynamics a fine intellectual structure, bequeathed by past decades, whose every subtlety only experts in the art of handling Hamiltonians would be able to appreciate.”
— Pierre Perrot (1998), A to Z of Thermodynamics (pg. v)[1]

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  1. Perrot, Pierre. (1998). A to Z of Thermodynamics. Oxford.


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