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In existographies, Nicholas Roegen (49 BE-39 AE) (1906-1994 ACM) (FET:14) (CR:129) (LH:6) (TL:135|#83), aka Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen (CR:117), was a Romanian-born American mathematician, economist, and statistician, noted for []


In 1971, Roegen, in his The Entropy Law and the Economic Process, outlines a very confused theory of “material entropy”, based on a mis-interpretation of “bound energy” (TS) and “free energy” (H or G), in relation to fossil fuels, like coal and gas, which he equates to "bound energy", which is incorrect; in other words a lump of coal is the product of entropy and temperature.[1] His entire book, basically, is based on a terminological confusion.



  1. Georgescu-Roegen, Nicholas. (1971). The Entropy Law: and the Economic Process. Harvard University Press.

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