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In [[term]]s, '''natural selection''' ([[TR]]:5) ([[LH]]:#) ('''[[TL]]''':#) refers to []
In [[term]]s, '''natural selection''' ([[TR]]:5) ([[LH]]:9) ('''[[TL]]''':14) refers to []

==Quotes ==
==Quotes ==

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In terms, natural selection (TR:5) (LH:9) (TL:14) refers to []


The following are quotes:

“There is a problem, however, with regard to natural selection which deserves special attention from both physicist and biologist, namely: Within what limits is the Darwinian formula a valid description? Assuming the spontaneous generation of life as a plausible, if yet unproven, hypothesis, where are we to consider that selection as a result of the struggle for existence began?”
Karl Pearson (1892), Grammar of Science (§9.12: Natural Selection in the Inorganic World, pgs. 356-58)[1]

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  1. Pearson, Karl. (1892). Grammar of Science (§9: Life, pgs. 328-71). Adam, 1900.

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