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In existographies, Mark Janes (22- AE) (1973- ACM) (FET:55) (SPE:38|66AE) (CR:78) (LH:7) (TC:85) is an English chemical engineer and philosopher, noted for his "carbon entromorphology" (aka carbon entropy morphology) theory, developed between 2006 to 2012, wherein he defines himself as a giant morphed carbon atom, e.g. as demonstrated in his "Mr Carbon Atom" concept and outfit, which he demonstrated in schools, and for his[1] website, for his 2010 "Human Thermodynamics" video[2], wherein he discussed the work of Libb Thims, and defines human thermodynamics as the biggest overall unified theory of the 21st century, and for his 2012 book Mr Carbon Atom[3], wherein he outlines his theories.


In 2002, Janes, age 29, bought his first house, during which time, free to arrange his "life style" and organize his environment to suit his needs, he began to think of himself as a amplified wave function based carbon-12 atom; he explains as follows:

“I bought my first house. This changed my life and gave me a unique ability to design my environment to tailor my eccentric and complex needs alone. I had all the space I needed to develop intellectually. I could make my house the pallet and canvas for my scientific ideas. I produced my work as posters which I could line the inside of my house with, and therefore constantly review the material. Hence this is ‘my cell, the primary Lyme Avenue installation. It was at this juncture that I had identified the possibility of an amplification phenomenon in nature through carbon-12. I also embraced electronegativity as a model of my own desires and reactivity. I could see and feel physics in my everyday life. The ideas started to flow and I became manically focused. I also realized that there appeared to be a conservation process in nature, which produced organisms from quantum and nuclear carbon atomic origins.”
— Mark Janes (2010), “About”, [1]

In 2006, Janes began to develop his “carbon entromorphology” theory, in a semi-public manner, in which a person is viewed as a type of ‘amplified atom’ or ‘gigantic carbon atom’, with wave and particle properties, and in which the logic of thermodynamics, particle physics, and other atomic modeling principles apply to explain behaviors of humans.

In 2008, Janes was giving presentations of his theory in school gymnasiums, as shown below left, with large display posters and illustrations of his ideas:


In 2009, Janes, after being invited to a Halloween party, devised his "Mr Carbon Atom" demonstration outfit, as pictured above (right).

Videos | Website

A 2010 video[4] by Mark Janes on Libb Thims and "human thermodynamics"; Jaynes having being working, independently, on his own similar theory, since 2006, called "carbon entromorphology", wherein he attempts to explain everything, e.g. love, beauty, sex, morality, gender, god, good, evil, etc., in terms of thermodynamics.

In Apr 2010, Janes launched the website website (active: until 2011), and his YouTube channel Mark Janes, wherein he began to upload a number of very enthusiastic and original videos; the following, e.g., is a screen shot of him talking about "morality" in terms of Gibbs energy, enthalpy, and entropy, something rarely seen in print, let alone on YouTube:


In 2010, Libb Thims, having become aware of his videos and work, asked him to write a short 25-page paper for the Journal of Human Thermodynamics (JHT). The resulting article, however, was too green and undistilled to publish; particularly, knowing that that JHT, at this point in time, was becoming more strict and ridged, in respect to terminology usage (see: terminology reform), as chemical thermodynamics, or "pure thermodynamics", as Lewis would say, will see and recognize "things", e.g. thermodynamics does NOT recognize the word "life" (one of the key terms in Janes article). Hence, the year Janes submitted (2010) was in the period of the heated apex of the defunct theory of life debate (2009 to 2012); after which, or progressively during with, authors were required to only submit so-called "thermodynamic lens" recognized terms, i.e. arguments presented in "physico-chemically neutral terminology", applicable to both hydrogen and human and all variations in between.

In 2012, Janes published Mr Carbon Atom and the Theory of Carbon Entromorphology, wherein he presents the gist of his theory, with many illustrations, albeit much still in a very crude state of refinement.[3]


When Janes submitted his 2010 JHT paper, submitted his ideas were very "green", crude, and his ideas were very-unpolished at this point, possibly owing to the fact that he had never received any skin-thickening feedback and peer review of his fledgling ideas and theories? Much of his article, and followup 2012 book, are filled with with own coinings, neologisms, and jargon, e.g. "entromorphic", "bio-Gibbs free energy", "soulatrophic pathway", "thermoentropic gravitropic pathway", "anti-ferrofermionic pathway", "Gibbs enthalpy neoiterative phototropic accumulator work mode", as pictured above, and dozens more terms, which were hardly distilled enough, e.g. for journal article editor to edit, so to make for a simple-to-read, for the average person, summary of his work, in "plain English", such that one could get past the first page of the article and understand every word precisely, free of neologism-overuse.

We also might recognize, owing to Janes' limited education in chemical thermodynamics, is only able to present his ideas and theories in generalized diagrams, as compared to pure derivation (which is difficult for must) from experimental foundations of thermodynamics. Hence, while there seems to be idea potential, and food for thought in Janes published work, much of it is cloaked in terminology and concepts that boarder into the metaphysical and new age level of themes, albeit moreso on the atheistic thermodynamics side of the fence, then on the theistic thermodynamics side of the fence, as compared to the majority of new age thermodynamics authors. Janes, in some sense, might be categorized with Adriaan Lange, and his "spiritual Gibbs energy" model (1986).[5] Likewise, Janes' "Mr Carbon Atom" model, is similar to William Patten and his "Mr Atom" (1919) model.[6]

In any event, the premise of extrapolating life and soul back to the big bang amounts to "panbioism"[7] and "pansoulism", respectively. These views are stepping stones to the truth, but incorrect, nevertheless. As Charles Sherrington (1938) famously advised, one should "deanthropomorhize" one's thinking, i.e. free their mind of "anthropisms"[8], rather than attempt to anthropomorphize the universe and all its components, e.g. attempt to argue that fermions, bosons, atoms, electrons, photons, and carbon atoms have "souls" and are "alive", which amounts to "objectionable nonsense" (Einstein, 1932)[9].

On the positive side, hardly anyone, historically speaking, has attempted to venture into the quagmire of subject matter that Janes attempted to wade into. Moreover, his attempt at extrapolating "wave function" and "valence shell" logic upwards, while very crude and mostly incorrect, is something only a few have attempted.


In 1993, Janes, age 20, studied chemical engineering, for one year, at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, where he completed coursework in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and design and process engineering fundamentals. In the years to follow, Janes began work in pharmacology technology. In 2006, he completed a BS in biology and a Higher National Certificate in applied biological sciences, at Manchester Metropolitan University; his finial project here, being a model of life using thermodynamics.


Quotes | By

The following are quotes by Janes:

“Since the dawn of human history, life has battled for survival, with human beings evolving to dominate this process on planet earth. For to be human, is to know unequivocally that one day you will die and it is this truth which has precipitated a passion for knowledge and the pursuit of immortality initially through divine methods but more recently through scientific endeavor. Human knowledge is a fractured system of investigation born out of mathematics, literacy and imagery. These axioms are often so different that knowledge has remained divided and a cross fertilization of ideas is rendered almost impossible. Through the modern science of human thermodynamics, carbon entromorphology has emerged as a major contender for a unified model of the mind and the conscious observer. It relates all knowledge together producing powerful new systems of understanding taking human evolution into new and breathtaking areas. It is the science of the 21st century and will almost certainly stand up to challenge current thinking on life and the prospect for a more stable and peaceful future for all humanity.”
— Mark Janes (2012), Mr Carbon Atom and the Theory of Carbon Entromorphology (summary, back cover) [3]
“In carbon entromorphology, ‘life’ is described as a ‘soulatrophic pathway’, from the word ‘soul’ meaning the origin of things, which runs backwards to the big bang, and is defined by specific discrete natural levels, such as atomic, microbial, somatic (radial), cognitive (bilateral), and spiritual (familial).”
— Mark Janes (2012), Mr Carbon Atom (pg. xv)
Soul: the origin of a physical system; in carbon and entromorphology, the soul is a nucleonic pathway leading all the way back to the big bang. Soulatrophic: a term in carbon entromorphology, giving reference to particular fractional dimensions of natural scale; such as the microbiological, somatic, cognitive , and spiritual levels. Soulatrophicity: appertaining two unique fractional dimensions of scale, but with an absolute origin or soul at the big bang.”
— Mark Janes (2012), Mr Carbon Atom (pg. 362)

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