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In existographies, Lawrence Henderson (77-13 BE) (1878-1942 ACM) (IQ:180|#102) (ID:2.86|63) (SN:8) (EVT:20) (CR:251) (LH:18) (TL:271|#30) was an American physical chemist, physiologist, philosopher, and sociologist, noted for []


In 1932 to 1942, Henderson ran the Gibbs-Pareto circle (aka Harvard-Pareto circle).[1]


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The following are quotes by Henderson:

Matter and energy have an original property, assuredly not by chance, which organizes the universe in space and time.”
— Lawrence Henderson (1913), The Fitness of the Environment (pg. 308) [2]

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  • Hendersonian
  • Hendersonianism


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