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In acronyms, LH (LH:#), short for "links here", indicates the number of "links" to a given page in the new Mediawiki-based edition of Hmolpedia, as found by clicking the "what links here" button, in the tool bar, at the left of each page. This can be compared to the "CR" or "citation ranking" acronym of the 5,376-articles of the Hmolpedia 2020 edition.


The acronym TC (TC:#), short for "Total Citations", refers to the combined number of citations for Hmolpedia (current) and Hmolpedia 2020; formulaically:

Thus, for example, on 26 Oct 2020, the Newell Sims article had three internal links in Hmolpedia 2020 (CR:3), and nine internal links in the new Hmolpedia (LH:9), a difference that can given insight in respect to 2007 to Aug 2020 influence, vs Sep 2020 to present influence; therein yielding a combined or "total" citation ranking or internal link count of twelve or (TC:12).

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