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In terms, key query (LH:1) refers to a query or “quest”, a term phrased on Newton’s queries, his “Query 31” in particular, that is a central open, unresolved, or un-solved question, puzzle, or confused issue of modern existence.


The following is listing of the key queries, ranked via intellectual powerfulness:

# Term Query Redirect Reformulates Links
Life What is life? Redirect arrow.png Abioism Motion question?
Love What is love? Reaction question?
Meaning What is the meaning of it all?
Morality Difference between right and wrong? Nature question?
Purpose Redirect arrow.png Point
Death What happens when you die? Redirect arrow.png Afterlife Continuity question?
Occupation What do you do? Redirect arrow.png Vanity


The results of a 2021 poll, posted to r/RealGeniuses, by Libb Thims, with 48 votes cast; the top three answers: reality, existence, and death (bolded adjacent), can be compared to the 10-question online poll adjacent.[1]

In 2005, Libb Thims, in Chicago, conducted a street poll, wherein he asked 100 people, "in person", the question: "What is humankind’s present-day greatest philosophical conundrum (GPC)?" The following were the top three responses:[2]

  1. What happens when you die? (27%)
  2. What is love? (23%)
  3. What is the meaning of life? (19%)

Thims then listed the top responses into an online voting poll, as shown below; the %-column shows vote count percentage (Apr 66AE) as of 535 votes:[3]

Conundrum Votes %
The enigma of time? 100 19
The meaning of life, i.e. what is our purpose, function, or design? 70 13
What happens when you die? 59 11
The paradox of existence, i.e. why are we here? 57 11
Does god exist? 56 10
The question of reality? 56 10
What is love? 45 8
Is destiny ours to make, or is it predetermined? 39 7
The perception of truth? 32 6
The nature of good and evil? 21 4

These results can be compared to earlier polled results.[4]

See also

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