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In existographies, John Lienhard (TL:#) (25- BE) (1930- BCM) is an American mechanical engineer, noted for []


In 1988, Lienhard launched Engines of Our Ingenuity [EOI], a series of weekly or so 3.5-min radio broadcasts, later turned podcasts, wherein he discuss aspects of engineering and thermodynamics history, in a fun and easy to listen to manner.

In 2015, the Engines of Our Ingenuity series had produced over 3,000+ episodes.

On 15 Nov 2020, Lienhard did an EOI on “Stahl, Phlogiston, and Anima”.[1]


Lienhard completed his BS at Oregon State College, and MS at University of Washington, and his PhD at University of California, Berkeley, all presumably in mechanical engineering.[2]


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The following are quotes by Lienhard:

“To ‘learn’ is to incur surprise. I mean really learning, not just refreshing our memory or adding a new fact. And to invest is to bestow surprise. I mean really investing, not just innovating what others have done.”
— John Lienhard (c.2010), Publication [3]

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