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In existographies, John Gottman (13- BE) (1942- ACM) (CR:26) (LH:2) (TL:28) is an American mathematician, psychologist noted, and science of love researcher, noted for his 1994 Why Marriages Succeed or Fail, in which he presents his findings of a multi-decade long research study which finds that stable long-term marriages have a 5-to-1 ratio of attractive-to-repulsive bonding interaction, aka Gottman stability ratio.


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The following are quotes by Gottman:

“My laboratory conducts on what amounts to the most intensive studies of couples interacting ever attempted, something akin to an X ray or CAT scan of a living relationship. My research teams have compared, microsecond by microsecond, how couples talk to one another. We’ve examined their facial expressions, monitored how much they fidget, and how they gesture, [etc.,] … gathering such information has allowed us to identify the specific processes that lead to the dissolution of a marriage, and those that weld it more firmly together. Amazingly, we found that it all comes down to a simple mathematical formula: no matter what style your marriage follows, you must have at least five times as many positive as negative moments together if your marriage is to be stable.”
— John Gottman (1994), Why Marriages Succeed of Fail (pg. #) [1]

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  • Gottman, John. (2018). “The Science of Love” (YT), TEDx Venice Beach, Oct 2.

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