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In terms, infotropy (LH:1) (TL:#), from Shannon “information” + entropy”, is a terminology reform replacement suggestion (Thims, 2012) for Claude Shannon's 1949 unwarranted adoption "entropy" of thermodynamics, which is a measure of "heat", for use, in communication theory and signal transmission, which is based on binary digits, Boolean algebra, and probability theory, as a measure of "information"; an alternative synonym is "bitropy", from "bit" (binary digit) + -tropy (transformation), meaning signal transmission and or the transformation of high or low voltage signals into binary digits and from the into information.


On 24 Nov 2012, Libb Thims, penning his “Thermodynamics ≠ Information Theory: Science’s Greatest Sokal Affair”[1], and getting peer review, an article written in efforts to bring about communication theory terminology reform, e.g. to get the Entropy journal to change its name, in respect to the growing confusion between the communication theory “entropy” of Claude Shannon and the thermodynamic “entropy” of Clausius, introduced the term “infotropy”, a portmanteau of Shannon “information” + entropy”, as follows:

“In updated late Nov 2012 thought-out retrospect, of the above outline—in particular Ji's 2012 suggestion (intropy) plus the author's earlier 2011 speculative term candidates (sientropy, itropy, sentropy, syntropy)—a relatively straightforward and simple naming change solution, to ongoing linguistic muddle, in regards to the falsified notion that ‘information theory = thermodynamics’, is the adoption of a completely new term: ‘infotropy’ (in place of Shannon entropy), a conjunction or portmanteau of: Shannon information + entropy, which keeps the entire abrasive and debate ridden subject in quasi-connective historical context (in the sense of suffix -tropy being derived—through Clausius—from the Greek –τροπή meaning to ‘turn’ or ‘change’, as in transformation, and the prefix info- being representative—through Shannon, of ‘information’, from the Latin in-, meaning ‘into, in, or upon’, and the suffix -formare, meaning ‘to form, shape’, which combined, as in inform, translates figuratively as ‘train, instruct, educate’, which essentially is what happens in the electromagnetic wave process of the transmission of information, in binary code, whether by radio or wire), yet disambiguates the two fields from future convolution. The new reversion coining infotropy is relatively an unused term in the literature and on the internet.”
— Libb Thims (2011), “Thermodynamics ≠ Information Theory: Science’s Greatest Sokal Affair” (pgs. 94-95)

On 25 Nov 2011, the term “bitropy”, from “bit”, meaning “binary digit”, + -tropy meaning “transform”, was proposed as a Shannon entropy term synonym reform; this was discussed with Tom Schneider.[1]


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