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In science, human physics (TR:144) (LH:6) (TL:150) is the subject of physics applied to the movements of humans; the study of the laws of motion applied to the movements of people; the study of the nature of forces involved in accelerations and or decelerations, i.e. the “F = ma”, of trajectories of individuals; and or the nature of the exchange force involved in such motion; or in nature of bondings enacted between people, interpersonally or in social systems.


The following are related quotes:

Human physics is the analysis of man under the triple relations of this physical, moral, and intellectual qualities.”
Adolphe Quetelet (1835), Essay on Social Physics (aggregate quote, preface, pg. v) [1]

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  1. Quetelet, Adolphe. (1835). Essay on Social Physics (aggregate quote, preface, pg. v). Publisher.

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