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In existographies, Howard Lovecraft (65-18 BE) (1890-1937 ACM) (IQ:150|#886) (RGM:424|1,350+) (FA:167) (EPD: F8) (CR:17) (LH:8) (TL:25) was an American horror fiction author, epistolarian, and atheologist, noted for []



Lovecraft corresponded with Robert Howard.


Lovecraft influenced: Zadquiel Lugo.


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The following are quotes by Lovecraft:

“How do we know that that form of atomic and molecular motion we call ‘life’ is the highest of all forms? Perhaps the dominate creature — the most rational and god-like of all beings — is an ‘invisible gas’[1]. Or perhaps it is a flaming and effulgent mass of molten stardust. Who can say that men have souls while rocks have none?”
— Howard Lovecraft (1916), “Letter to Rheinhart Kleiner, Ira Cole, and Maurice Moe”, Aug 8 [2]
“My attitude has always been cosmic, and I looked on man as if from another planet. He was merely an interesting species presented for study and classification.”
— Howard Lovecraft (1922), “A Confession of Unfaith” [3]

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  • Lugo, Zadquiel. (2021). “Cosmic Horror and its Connection with Science: Analysis” (HORROR COSMICO y su conexión con LA CIENCIA. (Análisis)) (YT), Zadquiel, Jun 7.

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