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A visual summary of "Hmolpedia 2020", namely 5,376 extant articles, at the end of Aug 2020, migrated from the former WetPaint wiki platform, into 5,376 plain HTML files, archived at[1] This file archival process occurred concordantly with the launch of (this wiki), restarted from scratch, a new edition of Hmolpedia.

In encyclopedias, Hmolpedia 2020 refers to the Aug 2020 edition of Hmolpedia, comprised of 5,376-articles, hosted at the URL, within the framework of the / wiki platform, written and improved upon from 2007.[1]


In Sep 2020, the online content of the 5,376 wiki articles, was in the process of being migrated from the previous wiki platform, which slowly became phase out, with the image servers being shut down in Sep 2021 (66AE), to a new MediaWiki platform, hosted at the same URL, to become an online "archived" edition, either as HTML articles, as new MediaWiki articles, and or as one pdf.

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