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In theories, god theory (TR:26) (LH:5) (TL:31) refers to either a theory that attempt to explain what god is, e.g. "infinity", or a theory that is based in god is a first principle, e.g. "free will".


In 2005, Libb Thims, during his launching of the Journal of Human Thermodynamics, stipulated, via footnote, that JHT would not be publishing “god theory” (TL:31), i.e. theories based on "god" (TL:1757|#8), or “information theory” (TL:286|#119), i.e. theories based on "information" (TL:680|#88) or "bits" (TL:32), as both, classified as "weed theories", are baseless wastes of time.

While the latter, i.e. information, found being pushed as a theory in thermodynamics, is the result of the so-called "John Neumann Joke" (1940), the latter, i.e. god, found being pushed as a theory in thermodynamics, has more to do with the fact that "thermodynamics", as a belief system, usurps and replaces "theology", as a belief system, in the same way that "entropy model" of heat (Clausius, 1865) usurped and replaced the "caloric model" of heat (Lavoisier, 1787), owing to the fact that "caloric" as a concept was experimentally disproven (Thompson, 1798; Davy, 1799).

Accordingly, as "god" as a concept or model, has been experimentally disproved (Lotka, 1925[1]; Libet, 1982[2]), the new human chemical thermodynamics model slowly replacing the former.

Most god theories, in modern form, tend to be found as scientific god synonyms.


The following are quotes:

“Listen to what Dynamics of Language[3] tells our kids. To quote: ‘Read the theory of divine origin and the story of the Tower of Babel as told in Genesis. Be prepared to explain one or more ways these stories could be interpreted.’ [tossing a well-worn clipping on the table] The theory of divine origin! The word of god is not a theory. Take god out of creation and what’s left? Evolution? Scientists want to teach our kids that divine origin is just a theory that stupid people believe but that evolution is a scientific fact. Well, it’s not. And that’s at the bottom of this.”
— Kanawha businessman (1974), “Dialogue with Lee Strobel[4]
“As science demands the radical extirpation of caprice and the absolute reliance upon law in nature, there grew with the growth of scientific notions a desire and determination to sweep from the field [this] theory of a mob of gods and demons, and to place natural phenomena on a basis more congruent with themselves.”
John Tyndall (1874), “Atheistic Materialism Address” (pg. 2)[5]

End matter


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