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In existographies, Francoise Tibika-Apfelbaum (# BE/AE) (# ACM/BCM) (LH:#) refers to []


In c.1990, Tibika, after she had obtained her PhD in chemistry, became neighbors with Colette Aboulker-Muscat (1909-2003)[1], the daughter of some famous neurosurgeon, who at the time was tutoring people the ‘way of the spirit’ in ‘mental imagery’, or something along these lines, which Tibika began to learn about. Tibika then mixed this view into the strong god beliefs her Jewish father had impressed upon her.

In 2005, Tibika, in her “A Matter of Life: Hypothesis on the Role of Electron Waves in Creating Order Out of Chaos”, building on Alexander Oparin, Ilya Prigogine, Jacques Monad, and S. Lifson’s “On the Crucial Stages in the Origin of Animate Matter”, attempt to sketch out a molecule communicating with each other via waves associated with their electrons theory; the following are a few quotes:


“Thanks to Prigogine, in the passage from matter to life, there was no question of jumping from one reality to another. Continuity between inert matter and the living realm was established, Darwin’s evolution theory could be ‘stretched’ to Mendeleev’s table, and Oparin’s statement returned to its proper place.”
— Francoise Tibika (2005), “A Matter of Life” (pg. 270)
“Prigogine said that this organization is the result of communication between molecules. Our hypothesis is that, if communication between molecules indeed exists, it is accomplished through the wave associated with their electrons.”
— Francoise Tibika (2005), “A Matter of Life” (pg. 272)

She the discusses the wave mechanics of Louis Broglie, Erwin Schrodinger, and Werner Heisenberg, and also what Einstein, Planck, and Max Born said about this.

In 2010, Tibika, in her Molecular Consciousness, building on her 2005 article, attempts to argue that some sort of consciousness exists at the molecular level; the following is the abstract:[3]

“The molecules of living organisms are in constant communication, storing and transmitting information both at the intracellular level as well as across vast distances. The mystery of how this communication occurs—whether through molecular structure, chemical reactions, entangled states, or some other method—has baffled biologists, chemists, and quantum physicists for more than a century. Revealing the intimate connections between mind and matter, Françoise Tibika explains that conscious communication exists all the way down to the very molecules of which we—and the universe—are made. Using the fundamental laws of thermodynamics to support her argument—especially the first law: ‘energy is neither created nor destroyed’—as well as modern scientific research in quantum physics and molecular biology, Tibika explores how each imperishable atom of the universe is intrinsically linked with all other atoms through their memories and the information they carry. She shows not only how each atom of your being is part of the greater whole of the universe but also how your thoughts, feelings, and state of mind are profoundly related to the activity of each of your molecules. Just as we are undergoing constant transformation by the molecules surrounding us, our own molecules are continuously transforming the network of which we are a part.”

In 2013, Tibika did a one-hour video interview with Iain McNay, on the YouTube Channel Conscious TV, in London. [4]


Quotes | By

The following are quotes:

“With each chemical reaction, molecules leave a past they cannot return to. The entropy of the universe will never again be what it was yesterday. When you dissolved your sugar in your coffee this morning, you contributed to the increase of the entropy of the universe, and, without noticing it, you continued to do so all day. If data on the entropy state of the universe could be recorded at the precise time of historical events, it would be easy, without even knowing what they were, to order these events chronologically. The one whose entropy is the lowest would be the oldest, and the one with the highest entropy would be the most recent. The direction of time is always from the lower to higher entropy. Matter is said to carry itself the ‘arrow of time’, an arrow that shows the direction of time, an arrow that would have been launched at the very moment of the birth of our universe, and which, since then, nothing and no one can stop.”
— Francoise Tibika (2010), Molecular Consciousness (pg. 54)

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