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In hmolscience, existographies (TR:1,354) (LH:292) (TL:1,646|#9), or “existography” (singular), from “existive-” (suffix) + (prefix) “-graphies”, is a physico-chemically neutral upgrade term, employed in replacement of the thermodynamically defunct term “biographies” (see: abioism).


In 2015, the page “existographies” was introduced as a file-tree header term, first used on the Top 500 geniuses, Robert Ingersoll, Thomas Paine, and David Darling page, employed as a neo-modern life terminology upgrade working synonym for the now bio-defunct term “biographies”.


The following are related quotes:

“Thermodynamically, one cannot technically say that there is such a thing as a ‘bio’. Correctly, one can say, thermodynamically speaking, that there exist such things as ‘powered CHNOPS+’ things, using Henry Swan’s 1974 terminology.”
Libb Thims (2017), mental note arisen via dialogue [1] with Philoepisteme, Dec 5

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