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In hmolscience, abioist atheist (LH:1) refers to one who does not believe in the existence of "god" (NE:284) and also does NOT believe in the existence of "life" (NE:282); an atheist who is an adherent of the new doctrine abioism.


In 1966, Francis Crick (FA:201), who in his Of Molecules and Men, suggested that we should "abandon the word alive" and that "Christians, and the Catholics in particular who write as vitalists and it is the agnostics and atheist who are the anti-vitalists". Crick might be classified as the first "semi abioist atheist"; although, to note, he did not directly say that he believed that life does not exist.

In 2015, the term “abioism” was introduced by Libb Thims (FA:243), to categorize the growing trend in disbelief in the existence of life.

In 2016, the phrase “abioist atheist” was being employed in respect to Thims and Alfred Rogers (FA:280).[1]

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