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Welcome to Hmolpedia

A conceptual image of the "thermodynamic lens", wherein all human phenomenon are viewed and observed (see: advanced perspective) as per chemical thermodynamics sees things; all Hmolpedia articles, since their 2005 inception in the form of 88 glossary terms (see: progress report), accordingly, strive to be written in a neutral, unbiased, de-anthropomorphized, physics, physico-chemical, and or chemical thermodynamic sense, as sort of advanced Britannica or Wikipedia articles

Hi User:NAME, welcome to the new MediaWiki edition of Hmolpedia! What sort of motivation prompted you to join? What sort of engagement (or contributions) you looking to make? The "discussion" pages, attached to any given article or user, tend to be where most the action happens, as evidence by the 2007 to 2020 “forum” pages of Hmolpedia 2020. Best to employ these first and foremost.[1][2]

Any educational background, academic, book reading, written articles (draft or published), etc., related to the site topic focus? Who, in your opinion, are the top ten greatest minds of all time, off the top of your head? (please list as many as you can name, so that we can get to know about you). All the best. -- Sadi-Carnot (talk) 00:27, 2 November 2020 (EST)

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  1. Note 1: NEW ARTICLES:: If you joined to start a new article, be sure to be aware that their is historical precedence (see: progress report in 2005) to how articles are written in Hmolpedia, namely that each article has to be written, in the language of chemical thermodynamics, i.e. the "thermodynamic lens" view of things.
    A. You are welcome to start draft articles via the method of userspace drafts, wherein draft stage articles are made on a "user subpage" (e.g. User:UserName/Article). Thus, if you want to start an article on say "bioeconomics" or "bioecology", e.g. as User:Bioeco might envision, then one would type in the text "User:UserName/Article" into the site search engine, e.g. "User:Bioeco/Bioeconomics", which returns a screen like this, click the "create this page", which makes a draft, test, or practice article in user subdomain.
    B. If an “article” or “topic”, you are interested in discussing, from a thermodynamical, chemical, or physical point of view, with some relation to “humans”, isn’t yet made in this new MediaWiki edition of Hmolpedia (see: all pages), but was made previously in the 5,376 articles of Hmolpedia 2020, or has not yet been made, post a note that you want to see this article made in the “discussion” page of Hmolpedia:Article suggestions.
  2. Note 2: ERROR CORRECTIONS:: Typo and grammatical error correction to articles are welcome. Please make “edit note” when saving. Please visit the Hmolpedia 2020 “editing rules” page. The previous edition of the wiki, to note, which started out, in 2007, as an “anyone can edit” site, eventually, following aggressive “pet theory” article creation, anti-theory deletions, etc., and one malicious hacker, became a "none can edit" pages site (except site creator), and only the forum remained open. With this new MediaWiki version of Hmolpedia, we are keeping things “loosely open”, in respect to page edits, to see how things go …
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