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In site pages, progress report refers to progress on development of Hmolpedia, form its c.1994-1995 seed idea, to c.2001-2004 folders in file cabinets format, to its 2005 online A-Z anchor-linked glossary of terms, to its 2005-2007 Wikipedia usage testing stage, to its Wetpaint (2007-2013) turned WikiFoundry (2013- Aug 2020) wiki platform, to its new double wiki MediaWiki platform (Sep 2020 - present).[1]


The following years give a snapshot of key progress points of note:

2020 Report
1. 19 Apr Travis Derouin commented to Libb Thims, via email, that Wikifoundry might be “on the brink of going out of business”, per reason that it is not breaking even, and that he is short on time (with a new child and new job), or something along these lines, and put ads back onto Hmolpedia (a previous adfree educational wiki) or .
2. 30 Apr Derouin commented to Thims: “confident that with some changes that we can make the platform work for another year. Worst cases cenario, if we have to shut down, I will provide at least 3 months lead time and do what I can to help transition you to another platform”.
3. 20 May Derouin emailed Thims that he would take ads off the site per $25/mo; other issues: the site image servers; mobile version was not operational; the animation part of the gif images was no longer working (e.g. on the animate things page); the site search box had been down for several years; etc.
4. 1 Sep Thims began to migrate the 5,376 extant Hmolpedia articles (as of Aug 2020) of the hosted, GoDaddy URL masked, to new a new MediaWiki platform, under a NEW URL (site name: Hmolpedia), hosted on A2hosting servers run by Thims. Originally, Thims has envisioned that he could migrate all the previous articles into MediaWiki pages, in this new URL, and have the former URL point to or mask over the new URL.
5 12 Sep
Hmolpedia (split).jpg
Thims, having finished transferring the URL from GoDaddy to A2Hosting, and having realized that it might be wise to place the previous 5,376 Wetpaint-WikiFoundry penned articles into a second wiki, to become and archived version of the site (like the WikiSource version of Britannica 1911), used the URL to start a second MediaWiki, naming the site "Hmolpedia 2020" (URL:; posting a Reddit note on this wiki split.
6. 30 Sep Thims started a MediaWiki:Site improvements page to keep track of coding and extension progress and needs.
7 3 Oct 74 articles (stub / migrates and or new) had been penned at the MediaWiki (new main site) and the MediaWiki (was set up, but still did not have the 5,376 article migrated into it).


  1. Progress report (WikiFoundry subdomain) – Hmolpedia 2020.

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