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In existographies, Libb Thims (17- AE) (HFE:29) (RMS:109) (EPD:M12) (FA:221) (CR:2,096) (LH:25) (TC:2,121) is an American electrochemical engineer, noted for his 1995 to present work in the development of the science of human chemical thermodynamics.[1]


The "gist" if Thims ideology, is that what defines and quantifies "spontaneity", e.g. lighting a match, in the physico-chemical world, is what defines and quantifies "spontaneity", in the human world, e.g. in love at first sight. The adjacent diagram, outlines a synopsis the basics of this ideology, which can be classified as "Goethean philosophy", of which many variants have been promulgated, or "Thimsian philosophy", in the modern sense, namely that humans are atomic geometries, "metamorphosized" chemicals (Goethe, 1809), or "transformed" hydrogen atoms (Wiley, 1995), whose reaction steps are governed, or correctly "determined" by thermodynamic potentials, namely by Gibbs energy differentials, in earth-bound systems

A synopsis of Thims view: hydrogen transforms, over time, into humans, all steps and mechanisms governed by thermodynamics.

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  1. Thims, Libb. (2020). Human Chemical Thermodynamics — Chemical Thermodynamics Applied to the Humanities: Meaning, Morality, Purpose; Sociology, Economics, Ecology; History, Philosophy, Government, Anthropology, Politics, Business, Jurisprudence; Religion, Relationships, Warfare, and Love (pdf). Publisher.

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