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In encyclopedias, Hmolpedia, founded in Dec 2007 by Libb Thims, originally called "Human Thermodynamics Wiki", reamed An Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics, Human Chemistry, and Human Physics, and eventually "Hmolpedia" (2011), refers to []


In 2007, Hmolpedia was launched as a subdomain of the WetPaint wiki farm:

Shortly thereafter, the URL was purchased by Thims, and used to mask over the former subdomain.

In 2013, WetPaint was purchased by Travis Derouin, who rebranded the wiki farm as WikiFoundry; making the Hmolpedia subdomain become:

As of 2021, following the site migration of to a new MediaWiki platform, the above subdomain is still active.

In 2020, Derouin gave indication that the WikiFoundry platform might be closing down, in a year or so?

Upon hearing this Thims began to migrate Hmolpedia to a new MediaWiki platform, and purchased a second new URL to be the new edition of Hmolpedia, and moved the former 5,376 wiki articles to 2020 archived version stored at

Hmolpedia, in sum, is new work-in-progress wiki, of 5,400+ articles, hosted via the platforms of (1 Sep 2020 to present), (2013-2020), (2007-2013), Wikipedia (2005 to 2007), originating in a header-linked A-Z glossary of terms (2005) at

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