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A 3 Apr 2011 browser bar, showing the EoHT.info URL (started on 12 Mar 2008), for the article Adolphe Quetelet, with the browser tab reading the newly-introduced term "Hmolpedia", for the first time, in place of the formerly used "EoHT wiki" phrase.[1]

In domain names, EoHT.info, a URL acronym for “Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics” (15 Jan 2008), refers to []


In 2005, Libb Thims launched HumanThermodynamics.com, wherein he began to pen a header-linked A-Z glossary glossary of terms, so to hyperlink rare or terms, related to the "thermodynamics of humans", employed in newly-penned online articles, e.g. “human molecule”, to a basic definition (in the case when such definitions were not extant on the Internet). [2]

In late 2005 to 2007, Thims joined the newly-formed Wikipedia, and began to contribute (Ѻ), via editing articles and creating some new articles. He resigned from that engagement over editing conflict issues, in respect to the "presumed" non-notability of having Wikipedia articles on encyclopedic terms, such as “human chemistry” (E.B., 1851) , “human thermodynamics” (Bryan Donkin, 1893), and “human molecule” (Jean Sales, 1789).

On 24 Dec 2007, Thims started a WetPaint wiki (rebranded as WikiFoundry in 2013), via the subdomain “humanthermodynamics”, via the URL:

and started three articles: three articles: Sadi Carnot, human thermodynamics, and human chemistry, originally calling the site: “A Human Thermodynamics Wiki Encyclopedia” (in the banner).

On 15 Jan 2008, Thims, at the point when 71 articles had been started, following some site discussion (19 Jan thread), changed the site name to “Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics”.

On 12 Mar 2008, Thims bought the domain EoHT.info (see: thread), hosted at GoDaddy, and had it point to and mask over the previous subdomain (humanthermodynamics.wetpaint.com) URL.

On 4 Apr 2011, Thims renamed the site from "EoHT wiki" to "Hmolpedia" (see: etymology) or Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics, Human Chemistry, and Human Physics, to embrace the more encompassing perspective and corpus of articles the site currently contains.

Server migration

On 1 Sep 2020, Thims began to migrate the articles of the WikiFoundry.com hosted, GoDaddy URL masked, EoHT.info site, per reason that WikiFoundry is scheduled to close in 2020, to new A2hosting servers on a using a MediaWiki platform, dividing the 5,376 articles of the site, extant in Aug 2020, into two wiki sites:

  • Hmolpedia.com (active newly-written edition of Hmolpedia)
  • EoHT.info (archive of the 5,376 articles, extant in Aug 2020)



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