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Above left, a 1936 illustration, by Frank Thone, a plant physiologist, of a "plant", formerly thought of as a "biological thing", newly depicted as a light-powered "CHNOPS Plus" system; a physico-chemical upgrade to the defunct anthropism and or myth-based "bio" category, or organic / inorganic divide, above right.[1]

In terms, bio (TR:75) is a pre atomic era (years BE) term, originating in Greek literature, derived from Egyptian scientific mythology, meant to distinguish plants, animals, and humans, as being in possession of a special "property", whether god-given, e.g. the power of the ankh placed to the mouth of clay humans, or what not, that differentiated them, in some way, from inanimate things, such as rocks or water.


The c.495BC, Heraclitus, in fragment 48, supposedly, was using the term “βίος” in the sense of life.[2]

In c.470BC, Pindar was said to be using the term “βίος” in the sense of “life after death”.[3]

In 430BC, Euripides, in one of his works, supposedly, employed the term “bio” or prefix “bio-”, meaning as “life” in Greek; some, such as Georg Misch (1950), claiming this is where "bio" originated.[4]

Life terminology | Upgrades

See main: Life terminology upgrades [5]

In 1925, Alfred Lotka, in his “Regarding Definitions” chapter, the opening chapter of his Elements of Physical Biology, stated that any and all attempts to define “life” in terms of physics and chemistry, or to discern a life / non-life divide, will result in a “hunt for a Jabberwock”, and prophesized that in the future literature of “exact science”, the term “life”, which in his day “defied definition”, would become “wholly unnecessary”.[6]

In 1938, Charles Sherrington, in his Man on His Nature, that the term “life” disappears when “physics and chemistry” have entered the discussion.

In 1966, Francis Crick, in his Of Molecules in Men, in the aftermath of various vitalism debates, stated that "we should abandon the word alive"; which is equivalent to saying, scientifically, that the term "bio" should be abandoned.


In 1936, Frank Thone, was depicting a sun-powered plant, as shown above, as a "CHNOPS plus" thing.[1]

In 1974, Henry Swan redefined biochemistry (i.e. bio-chemistry), indirectly, as the study of "powered-CHNOPS systems", therein usurping the now-defunct prefix “bio” with “powered”.[5]

In 2012, Libb Thims, following his heated "defunct theory of life" debate (2009), began to replace many (or all) Hmolpedia "bio-" prefixes with the prefix "powered CHNOPS+", meaning that "powered" is a workable replacement for the mythologically-loaded "bio" prefix; what was formerly considered "alive" is now considered "powered", and that what as formerly defined as being "so full of life" or "so alive", is a reference to being "more powered" or in a state of "higher power" (albeit not in the theological sense), in modern physico-chemically neutral terminology.[5]


The following are related quotes:

Thermodynamically, one cannot technically say that there is such a thing as a ‘bio’. Correctly, one can say, thermodynamically speaking, that there exist such things as ‘powered CHNOPS+’ [atomic geometries] things, using Henry Swan’s 1974 terminology.”
— Libb Thims (2017), mental note arisen via dialogue (Ѻ)(Ѻ) with Philoepisteme, Dec 5
“The oblivious person can get away with the terms ‘biochemistry’ or ‘biophysics’, when writing a general encyclopedia, such as Wikipedia or Britannica, but when one is penning a thermodynamics-based encyclopedia, when the terms ‘biothermodynamics’, ‘biological thermodynamics’, ‘biochemical thermodynamics’ are reached, in respect to the need to pen encyclopedia articles on such terms, is the point where the mind crosses the line-in-the-sand of absurdities.”
— Libb Thims (2020), “Mental Note”, arisen while add the IQD column to the top 200 geniuses of the top 1000 geniuses table, at the point when he went to look up the age of Lawrence Henderson in Wikipedia, and seeing the sentence: “he became one of the leading biochemists of the early 20th century” (see: abioism), 1:57AM CST, Oct 27
“The only thing correct about ‘bio’, is its lettering: Boron (Z:5), Iodine (Z:53), and Oxygen (Z:8); these being three of the 26 elements of the human molecular formula.”
— Libb Thims (2020), “wake-up mental note made yesterday”, 10:59PM CST Nov 10

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