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A synopsis of Hmolpedia, namely: a human, conceptualized as a 26-element animate thing, sitting in the lotus position, its human molecular formula shown (below), seated between an inexact differential of heat δQ and an exact differential of Gibbs energy dG, overlaid with a mechanisms of the passions of the heart icon (see: Hmolpedia logo for more overview); next to the Carnot engine, above right, and the earth seen from the Carnot cycle universal point of view.

Hmolpedia: an A to Z Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics, Human Chemistry, and Human Physics, is a pedia, or simplified 5,390+ article compendium, of information related to the study of people, individually, or in bulk as reactive reactive "hmols" (i.e. mols) of humans, from a physico-chemical point of view, namely the "advanced perspective" view of the universal first law and second law of thermodynamics; as the top 1000 geniuses tend to see things.[1]

Hmolpedia, retrospectively, can be viewed as the footnote knowledge center of what Pitirim Sorokin (1928) classified as the “mechanistic school” of contemporary sociology; what Lawrence Henderson enacted via his Harvard Pareto circle (1932-42); the 90+ “two cultures namesakes” in historical order; or human chemical thermodynamics (HCT) in future focal apex, as HCT prodigies tend to see things.

The atom favicon Atom logo 3 png.png is thematic to the view that a person is a powered bound state of 26-elements, a collection of "thinking" or "tormented" atoms, as Voltaire (1755) phrased things; a "powered" animate thing in modern terms. The Hmolpedia logo, shown upper left, is thematic to the knowledge that a human, as a powered CHNOPS+20E existive, is governed by the operations of inexact heat differentials and exact Gibbs energy differentials, in short.


  1. Note 1: In Sep 2020, Hmolpedia, in the form of 5,376 articles, penned via the WikiFoundry/WetPaint wiki platform (2007 to 2020), via the URL, was split into two wikis, hosted on a new MediaWiki platform, as follows, namely Hmolpedia (split into): (Hmolpedia 2020 | Archive) (this wiki)
    An archived version ( (5,376 articles), firstly, and secondly, this new edition ( version, of newly-written articles, made via citation to the archived articles; this is a work-in-progress migration (see: progress report).
    Note 2: The previous discussion forums (threads; archived threads), of the previous wiki platform, have migrated to the various article "discussion" pages of this wiki, for specific topic discussion, and a newly-launched phpBB based Hmolpedia forum, for general discussion.

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